dominique + serena is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena. We are especially interested in the social potentials of architecture and the build environment. 

dominique + serena is based in Copenhagen and founded by German-Polish architect Dominique Hauderowicz and Danish architect Kristian Ly Serena.

dominique + serena is  practicing at the crossroads of architecture, art, and politics.
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dominique+serena ApS
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2680 Solrød Strand

Dominique Hauderowicz was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She holds a degree in Art History and completed her studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Architecture. She is a member of the Danish Association of Artists. 

Kristian Ly Serena is born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has studied with Andres Jaque/Office for Political Innovation in Madrid, and at California College of the Arts, San Francisco before completing his studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Architecture. He is a member of the Danish Association of Artists. 

Age-Inclusive Spatial Practice

Through our work and focus on age-inclusion we have built a solid base of knowledge regarding the spatial aspect of working with environments for people of all ages. We have experience in inclusive participatory processes and methodology, as well as the design and realisation of inclusive architecture. We gladly share our knowledge on these topics through consultations and are happy to give talks and presentations on the subject.


The studio has conducted commissioned and self-initiated work on a variety of scales for both private and public partners and clients. We believe firmly that dialogue from the initial ideas is absolute key to the success of any work: thus, first of all- please feel free to contact us directly.

We appreciate the ability of architecture to transcend and transform - for us, every project consists of spatial, aesthetic and material considerations, but is also very much set in a cultural and social reality. We do not worry too much about the boxes different fields of spatial practice are usually divided into: buildings/landscape/design, theoretical/practical, big/small, real/speculative - we have done projects in most of these domaines.

We love to take projects all the way, but we are also happy to contribute in singular phases of the processes:

Productive dialogue / Consulting
Fundamental value and quality of any architectural work is produced before a single line is drawn. We are happy to provide (and abandon) ideas, critique, structure or combine existing ones. We can provide guidance on processes and are strong at conceptualising. We thrive in complex realities, and have experience in projects with multiple stakeholders and contradictory interests.

Initial ideas / Sketch projects
Much of how well any piece of architecture functions is decided in the early phases of any project. What are the spatial concepts and relationships, how do spaces relate to each other - can the project be solved in new approaches to spatial types or materials? Sometimes people only need new perspectives - we are happy to provide them.

Complex realities / Architectural proposals
As much as the above is true, the soul of any piece of architecture lies in the combination of ideas and potentials with physical and material realities. As it is often the specific realities of each project (physical context, history, ownership, organisation etc) that provide the possibilities of creating something unique, we are dedicated to invest time in the initial phases of each project: investigating, researching and involving people. Working towards realisation, we work in close dialogue with our clients, partners and stakeholders, and like to challenge them by proposing new ways of functioning. Increasingly, we are interested in the questions of sustainability - what role it can play in strategic decisions, as well as the material realities of it.

Realisation / Construction
We have consciously decided that we wish to stay a family business. We like the idea of being engaged in every project ourselves, and provide the quality we think every work deserves. We do not regard detailing or construction drawings as something secondary that can be outsourced to interns. We are deeply engaged in the process of realisation and the gritty work that comes with that. But we know our limitations, and over the years we have built a network of colleagues and partners within a variety of fields that we trust and love to work with. This gives us the possibility to engage with large scale projects with confidence.

We encourage you to contact us. Our email is here - our telephone number is +45 60802087 and there is always coffee at the studio. Let’s find out.

Recent publications:

Age-Inclusive Public Space - Edited by Dominique Hauderowicz & Kristian Ly Serena, Hatje Cantz, 2020.

Intergenerational learning in Practice (Chapter contribution). Edited by Margaret Kernan, Giulia Cortellesi, Routledge, 2019.

Offentlighedens rum- (spaces of the public) (Chapter contribution). Edited by Joachim Wiewirua, Tora Frogner, Frederik Stjernfeldt & Vincent Henricks, Møllegades Forlag, 2019.

Manifesto! (Contribution). Published by Copenhagen Architecture Festival, 2019.


Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena have held various teaching-positions and conducted workshops  primarely at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and at the AARCH in Århus. Both Dominique and Kristian are appointed as examiners for assessments by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture Kolding School of Design and the Aarhus School of Architecture.

Recent talks & exhibitions:

Practical learnings from age-inclusive urban projects
Lecture at 
webinar on ‘Useful Cities for Seniors’ (Brugbare Byer for Seniorer).
Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen), Denmark, April 2021. 

Elasticity, polyvalence and atmosphere, spatial concepts for an inclusive architecture
Lecture at the Institute of culture, Political Architecture: Critical Sustainability, KADK (Spring 2021) and at the AHO - Oslo School of Architecture, Department of Landscape and Urbanism, for the InTransit Lecture Series (Fall 2020).

Serena, K. (2020) Kære Frank Jensen. In Kære Frank Jensen (Dear Mayor). Copenhagen: Copenhagen Architecture Festival. 

A New Theory of Love, contribution to main exhibition The Library, Oslo Architecture Triennale, 2019.

Howsing, future of housing talk at Danish Architecture Centre, 2018.

Culture for Longevity, talk and symposium at Danish Association of Architects, Copenhagen, 2018.

Possible Cities, talk at the innovationlab of IKEA, Space10, Copenhagen, 2018

Affirmations of Life, solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre, The Dreyer Gallery, 2018. 

Recent projects:

Market Square - Dynamic market structures for the main square of Næstved, municipal client, Næstved, completed 2020.

Områdefornyelsen Damme- Askeby.  Experimental landscape project, municipal client, Vordingborg Kommune, completed 2019.

Framing faith - space for religious learning, refurbishment, private client, ongoing.


Architectural projects:

2020, Liv på Axeltorv. Municipal Client: Næstved Kommune. Transformation of the town’s main square, including landscape transformations and the design of new mobile, foldable and dynamic steel-structures that support various ways of making markets and other public events.

2020, Fanefjord Mejeri II,
Community driven Guesthouse. (To be announced)

2020, House for a local church community and its integration in the surrounding village. Private Client: Church of Denmark.

2019, Damme-Askeby Urban Renewal Project.
Municipal Client: Vordingborg Kommune. Case study project for Age-Inclusive Public Space. Landscape transformations.

2019, Artellerivej.
Private Client. Polyvalent refurbishment of dublex appartment.

2018, A House of a lifetime. Private Client. Lillehammer, Norway.

2017, The Ecology of Making. Europan 14 competition entry, awarded 2nd place. Transformation of the technical quarter in Narvik, Norway.

2017, Porten til Nakskov Fjord. Municipal Client: Lolland Kommune og Realdania. Cultural heritage, transformation of buildings and landscapes (Cultural programs, turism strategy, museum strategy, archive, café, turist information, exhibitions, harbor bath, parks etc.). Nakskov, Denmark.

2017, Nola I and Nola II.
Private Client. Transformation of a former car-ferry and a barge into floating guesthouses introducing new urban facilities for the general public. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016, Wefood Social Supermarket.
Private Client: DanChurchAid Humanitarian Organization. Spatial concept for the first supermarket chain in the world to sell sur-plus food. Focus on supporting the social life of shop-volunteers.

2016, Ricardo-huset.
Private Client. Transformation of the house and studio of famed Danish artist Richard Winther into an exhibition space. Vindeby, Denmark.

2015, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki.
Awarded competition entry in the largest architectural competition in history. Honorable mention. Helsinki, Finland.

2015, More Trondheim ! Awarded Europan 13 competition entry, 2nd prize. Large-scale urban development and revitalization of the former industrial harbor  “Nyhavna” in Trondheim, Norway. Including spatial concepts for the integration of the welfare institution in the city.  

2015, FB44, a floating reading hall.
Private Client. Transformation of a former barge into a reading hall, café and public hangout. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015, Villa Breda.
Private Client. Landscapes for an extended family, Limeira, Brasil.

2014, Wittgensteins Plinth in Skjorden.
Proposal for a condensed, multi-programmed guesthouse at the remaining plinth, where the hut of Ludwig Wittgenstein once stood.  

2014, House for three generations, v. I and II.
Private Client, Single-family house, Lillehammer, Norge

2013: House of Childrens Culture.
Private Client. Proposal for the transformation of a school into a landscape of community spaces. Sorø, Denmark.

2013: Furniture arrangements for the School of Architecture.
Public Client, Proposal for new synergetic arrangements of study spaces and the integration of research and students. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Publications and literary works :

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (Eds.) (2020) Age-Inclusive Public Space. Berlin: Hatje Cantz.

Serena, K. (2020) Kære Frank Jensen. In Kære Frank Jensen (Dear Mayor). Copenhagen: Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2019). Everyday encounters in public spaces: spatial potentials for  intergenerational relationships. In Kernan, M. & Cortellesi, G. (Eds.), Intergenerational Learning in Practise: Together Old and Young. Abington, UK: Routledge.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K.L. (2019). Gadens Porøsitet (The porosity of the street). In Frogner, T., Hendricks, V., Stjernfeldt, F., Wiewiura, J. (Eds.) Offentlighedens Rum (spaces of the public). Copenhagen: Møllegades Forlag.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2019). Arkitektur er Samfundskunst (Architecture is societal art) In Manifesto! (Festival publication). Copenhagen: Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2018). Blog-contribution: The Tokyo playpark: a landscape for all ages, Published by TOY-blog (Together young and old).

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2018). Den fragmenterede skole (The fragmented school). KÅRK (34), 2018.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2017) Livsytringer / Affirmations of life (Exhibition catalogue). Copenhagen: Danish Architecture Center.

Hauderowicz, D. & Serena, K. L. (2014) Lego som tidsbillede (Lego as zeitgeist). Arkitekten (5), 2014.


Livsytringer / Affirmations of Life (2017), Danish Architecture Centre, Dreyer´s Architecture Gallery. Solo-exhibition of the studios work. Copenhagen.

FB44 - den flydende læsesal (FB44 - the Floating Reading Hall) (2016), Storefront Gallery, Leth & Gori. Copenhagen.

Livsytringer / Affirmations of Life (2017), Danish Architecture Center, Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery. Solo-exhibition of the studios work. Copenhagen.

City of Preferences, Private and Public Spaces - A Changing Common Ground (2016). Exhibition contribution for “Update”, Danish Architecture Center. A collaboration with Center for Information and Bubbles Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Guggenheim Now (2014), Kunsthalli Helsinki. Contribution with the Guggenheim City project. Helsinki.