dominique + serena is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena. We are especially interested in the social potentials of architecture and the build environment. 

The studio has contributed to the book Intergenerational Learning in Practice by Margret Kernan and Giulia Cortellesi published by Routledge in 2019. The chapter is titled Everyday encounters in public spaces - spatial potentials for intergenerational relationships and outlines spatial potentials for intergenerational encounters in public space. 

"Borrowing a term from the book, this edited volume is a good quality "polyvalent form" for it demonstrates multifunctionality. It consists of a high-grade compendium of theoretical reflections and inspirational practices around intergenerational learning, with a much-needed focus on young children, but beyond platitudes and caring for quality. Further, it presents readers with a broad spectrum of provocative questions and tips not only for but from intergenerational practice in a wide range of sites, cultural contexts and countries. Overall, it is an interesting jigsaw to play with while learning about intergenerational learning, and an excellent antidote for any older-people centered intergenerational work!" - Dr. Mariano Sánchez, Department of Sociology, University of Granada, Spain

“My favorite highlights: an intergenerational summer camp in Italy; "culturally responsive" storytelling to expose Aboriginal children to indigenous language and knowledge; intergenerational "play hubs" created with Roma children; and some spatial concepts and considerations for designing age-inclusive public spaces.” - Matthew Kaplan, Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Everyday encounters in public spaces - spatial potentials for intergenerational relationships in 
Intergenerational Learning in Practice by Margret Kernan and Giulia Cortellesi (eds.).

Routledge, 2019
English, 272 pages.

ISBN: 1138363464
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