dominique + serena is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena. We are especially interested in the social potentials of architecture and the build environment. 

The studio is currently working together with various municipalities in Denmark to develop strategies and spatial solutions for the age-inclusive city of tomorrow. Through concrete experiences in various urban contexts our aim is to form new knowledge on how the physical environment may support positive encounters between people of different ages and capabilities.

In correspondence with our recent research, we are trying to approach the task with a broad perspective and a humanist attitude, that does not only acknowledge the practical and functional needs of individuals in different life phases, but also more fundamentally strengthens the opportunity for everyone to take part the public life and form valuable emotional attachments to people and places. Common to all case studies is an initial thorough investigation into the everyday life of the people affected by the project. In this process we are working together with collegues from other disciplines to help us understand how people use the environment, and what it means to them, as well as bringing valuable feedback on how the final projects have influenced and altered the everyday life of the local community affected. In this way, the case studies will form the subject matter of our investigation and will address all phases and parts of the architectural process, from overall strategies and project management to concrete spatial solutions. We will reveal more soon – meanwhile we invite all interested partners to contact us !  
The Age-Inclusive City

Strategies, participation methods and spatial solutions are currently beeing tested and developed.