dominique + serena is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena. We are especially interested in the social potentials of architecture and the build environment. 

Områdefornyelsen Damme-Askeby is an urban renewal project aiming at revitalizing the public space in a small town on the island of Moen in southern Denmark. For the studio this project served as a case study for how to work with age-inclusive public space.

The studio experimented with a broad participatory process, including a series of interviews and a workshop at a local nursing home. To realize the potentials brought forward by this process, the studio urged a public/private partnership and a ‘land-swap’ agreement, that allowed for the development of the site that was most important for the social life of the local community, namely a non-descript supermarket parking lot.

New spatial arrangments sought to strengthen this mundane sites’ quality as a place for sponeneous social encounters and inter-generational contact. (This work is thoroughly presented in the volume Age-Inclusive Public Space - see ︎).

In the design, we have focused on creating opportunities for varying degrees of contact and participation. By designing with polyvalent form the elements suggest rather than dictate use allowing for different interpretations of the same places across ages. Within a limited budget, by using soft stone platforms, local granite, warm sandy tiles, massive oak wood and local flora we have sought to evoke a landscape recognizable from the shallow lagoons and shores of this specific region.

“The liveliness and the chance encounters offered by the supermarked entrance, check-out line, and parking lot formed a key meeting point for the local community across ages.”
(Age-Inclusive Public Space p. 107) 
Områdefornyelsen Damme-Askeby
Urban renewal, Age-Inclusive Case Study
Møn, Denmark, 2019.

Client: Municipality of Vordingborg &
Lendemarke Brugsforening

Contractor: Morsø Anlæg ApS

Assistants: Christian Kamp, Jarl Gottlieb

Aerial view: Morten Pihl
Digital photographs: Ruben Slot

Analogue photographs: dominique + serena