dominique + serena is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena. We are especially interested in age-inclusion and the social potentials of architecture and the build environment.

Age-Inclusive Spatial Practice

Through our work and focus on age-inclusion we have built a solid base of knowledge regarding the spatial aspect of working with environments for people of all ages. We have experience in inclusive participatory processes and methodology, as well as the design and realisation of inclusive architecture. We wish to contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge as we hope it will contribute to a greater sensibility towards the spatial implications of the ageing process. We are interested in how intergenerational encounters are facilitated, and have studied architectures of play. We gladly share our knowledge on these topics through consultations and are happy to give talks and presentations on the subject.

what we do

The studio has conducted commissioned and self-initiated work on a variety of scales for both private and public partners and clients. We believe firmly that dialogue from the initial ideas is absolute key to the success of any work: thus, first of all- please feel free to contact us directly. Nevertheless, we would like to give an overview of what we do right here:  

Architectural work

We appreciate the ability of architecture to transcend and transform -  for us, every project consists of spatial, aesthetic and material considerations, but is also very much set in a cultural and societal, social reality. We believe that for architecture to be good - it must also function well. This functioning is to be understood in the broadest sense - it must not only answer the needs of its users and inhabitants, not only must it be beautiful and please the senses - it should also provide value to its community: be it a family, a local neighbourhood or a city. The best of architecture has the ability to surprise us, and to set is into relationship with ourselves or others in ways that we did not expect.

We do not worry too much about the boxes different fields of spatial practice are usually divided into: buildings/landscape/design, theoretical/practical, big/small, real/speculative - we have done projects in most of these domaines. What we focus on what they have in common, and what allows us to approach and work with every project in its specific context: the ability to find and recognise a need or a potential, understand it, and through a creative process propose solutions.

We basically conduct work on every stage from the conceivement and development of ideas, throughout the design and construction phases. We love to go all the way, but we are also happy to contribute in singular phases of the processes:

Productive dialogue / Consulting

Fundamental value and quality of any architectural work is produced before a single line is drawn. We are happy to provide (and abandon) ideas, critique, structure or combine existing ones. We can provide guidance on processes and are strong at conceptualising. We thrive in complex realities, and have experience in projects with multiple stakeholders and contradictory interests.

Initial ideas / Sketch projects

Much of how well any piece of architecture functions is decided in the early phases of any project. What are the spatial concepts and relationships, how do spaces relate to each other - can the project be solved in new approaches to spatial types or materials? Sometimes people only need new perspectives - we are happy to provide them.

Complex realities / Architectural proposals
As much as the above is true, the soul of any piece of architecture lies in the combination of ideas and potentials with physical and material realities. As it is often the specific realities of each project (physical context, history, ownership, organisation etc) that provide the possibilities of creating something new and unique, we are dedicated to investing time in the initial phases of each project: investigating, researching and involving people. Working towards realisation, we work in close dialogue with our clients, partners and stakeholders, and like to challenge them by proposing new ways of functioning. Increasingly we are interested in the questions of sustainability - what role it can play in strategic decisions, as well as the material realities of it.

Realisation / Construction

We have consciously decided that we wish to stay a family business. We like the idea of being engaged in every project ourselves, and provide the quality we think every work deserves. We do not regard detailing or construction drawings as something secondary that can be outsourced to interns. We are deeply engaged in the process of realisation and the gritty work that comes with that. But we know our limitations, and over the years we have built a network of colleagues and partners within a variety of fields that we trust and love to work with. This gives us the possibility to engage with large scale projects with confidence.

If you are still unsure if we are the ones you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us anyway. Our email is here - our telephone number is +45 60802087 and there is always coffee at Refsnæsgade 47, 2200 Copenhagen. Let’s find out.